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i am going to be an asshole. this is the squatters fault ..


I'm looking forward to this series, as I have a bit of a professional interest in trains.

The second shot from the top (the broken glass) is excellent. I like how you left the background just out of focus enough to be mysterious and draw the eye past the cracks in the window.


I love this series since the subject of the PNR has always been of interest to me.

Ignore the ones who criticize you for some of your posts that they deem "unfavorable" to the country. The best way to deal with problems is to confront them.

You can count on my full support.


wow, nice series on the metrotren you got here. i used to ride trains going to Bicol as a kid, and it wasn't *that* bad then as it is now.


My Dad used to work for the railways in the 60s. He was assigned to faraway provinces that we saw him only every other weekend and we also went to visit him riding on the trains, of course. This series certainly will be very interesting to me, distressing as the current state it may be. Thanks Sidney!

Ashish Sidapara

I thought indian railway was bad but looks like we got some competition :)

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

It's sad how the trains have been left in such a bad condition. I hope the trains and the railways can be rehabilitated so it can become a more popular public mode of transportation.


it's ok sidney. just stay sugarcoating. i was only able to ride the PNR once about 15 years ago...depressing once and depressing still. it's due for total overhaul if the government is serious. there were news about it but the government is always too slow :(


I look forward to your documentation, even though I love trains and it sounds as though this will be a distressing look. But such is our life, and this is part of it as much as what is satisfying. Good on you, Sidney. I totally believe in what you're doing, as I wrote in your lost children posts.

dong ho

ive been to tutuban several times but never saw this station.

Michael Rawluk

Railways are what made Canada into a country. Glued it together. Kept it together. Now our passenger service has basically died.
I love rail equipment. That locomotive is a beauty.


Husband would love this series!We've been talking about the railway system in the P.I. and ofcourse,told him what I know which is mostly negative.Looking fwd to this!


The photo of the shattered glass is simply amazing, classic and timeless.


I love the look of the old engines Sidney. What a mine of information too.


The second time I'll be riding PNR when all of its trains and facilities will be modernized. But my first will always be memorable...


the longest ride I ever took was from Sta. Mesa to Makati and that was to avoid the horrendous traffic( this was pre MRT days). I've always wondered why squatters like to live close to the rail tracks :(

Wim van der Meij

I hope they'll manage to make life better in the Philippines. What is the underlying problem? Overpopulation?


nice post..i also like reading post that shows concern and love of the country!..look forward to your next episode!keep it up..

luna miranda

i've never rode a PNR train, just the LRT a couple of times. From LRT, the view is also quite depressing so i won't be surprised to see deplorable sights along the railway tracks. open-minded Filipinos won't be offended, Sidney. and i hope your series would open the eyes and minds of those who pocket taxpayers' money and those who cheat on their taxes.


i have never ridden that train. i have passed the railroads several times whenever i am in manila but never really got the chance to ride on it.

i heard about the sorry state of this system and i am glad you will share this to us.

don't mind what others might say, just do what you have to do.


That is a good start, that railway station with the steam engine in front of it.
Great, we are off on another adventure of discovery.
I can't wait :-)


je prendrai donc le train en ta compagnie pour faire ce petit voyage avec grand plaisir.


there was a qoute i read somewhere that "you can state the condition of the economy of a country by the way the state of their railway system..." and i think i would have to agree... i hope we'll have a new and passenger friendly railway system to come...

dennis villegas

Great! The PNR needs a good publicity nowadays!


I am also very keen on seeing trains and tracks from around the world so look forward to this series,
Sorry to hear that the state of the train system is not good, lets hope it does improve

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